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Kudzai Mubaiwa talks women, finance and freedom at open:fora

Kudzai M Mubaiwa talks about why there is a clear need for women to have resources for them to attain real freedom, with a leaning towards strong networks they can activate for tangible …

Friedrich Lindenberg talks money laundering, data transparency and pirate radio at Dark Havens

Friedrich Lindenberg talks me through the investigative journalism data tools developed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project …

Simon Shuster talks corruption, hitmen and civil society at Dark Havens

Simon Shuster talks in the Transit Lounge at Dark Havens about the importance of the work journalists do as the immune system of a society.

"Investigative journalists expose things most …

Frederik Obermaier talks Panama Papers, global crime & cocktails at Dark Havens

Frederik Obermaier on global crime & collaborative reporting, the demise of the 'lone wolf' investigative journalist, Panama Papers cocktails, …

RYBN talk art, algorithmic investment and offshore tourism at Dark Havens


RYBN walk us through the Offshore Tour Operator to explore local traces of the transnational and liquid financial industry, and introduce classic tax avoidance schemes the Double …

Nicholas Shaxson talks power, money and the finance curse at Dark Havens

Nicholas Shaxson unveils the secrets of the seriously, filthy rich and talks me through how many of the world's offshore tax havens are not only …

Stéphanie Gibaud talks whistleblowers & tax justice at Dark Havens

Stéphanie Gibaud

talks about becoming a spy for the French authorities, the impact on her life and ongoing search for justice after blowing the whistle on tax fraud at UBS.

Tax Havens + UBS …

Viktorija Mickutė on global immersive storytelling at Login 2018

Viktorija Mickutė brings immersive documentaries to life, sharing diverse voices and a global perspective with stories told by the people most …

Jeanne Granger talks Creative Transformation at Login 2018

Jeanne Granger talks ethics at the core of social innovation, collective intelligence and empowerment in a future of creative transformation.

"Are …

Toby Shapshak on Innovation in Africa at Login 2018

Toby Shapshak on innovation in Africa and mobile society

Innovation + Society + Africa + Mobile + Future + Technology + STUFF



Daniel Soares talks risks, speed and passion at Login 2018

Daniel Soares on taking risks and living creatively.

Storytelling + Film + Creativity + Speed + Passion + Humour


Independent movie maker & …

Monika Bielskyte on a Post-Gender, Post-Race and Post-Nation State Future at Login 2018

Monika Bielskytė inspiring and revolutionary ideas for imagining the future and creating it together. How the stories we tell - and those we don't - …

Cécile Cremer talks Mish-Mash Society at Login 2018

Cécile Cremer asks "where do we want to be tomorrow?" offers ideas on how to balance technology and humanity, and sketches her vision of the future …

Pau Garcia talks Poetics of Data at Login 2018

How do you make data erotic and empathetic? Pau Garcia has the answers and he's not afraid to share his secrets in our revealing conversation!

Future + Data + Design + Society + Ethics + …

Cecile Poignant talks Sustainable Future and the Slow Web at Login 2018

Cecile Poignant connects the dots in tech, art, design, food and fashion to find the signal in the noise. "The future is more active, engaged and sustainable. There is no Planet B!"

Future …

Bryony Cole talks the Future of Sex & Femtech at Login 2018

Bryony Cole talks the Future of Sex with her clarion call for outspoken freedom around open + positive sexuality, education and expression.

Future + …

Rich Walker talks dextrous robot hands & open innovation at Login 2018

Rich Walker believes in tackling real world problems in open innovation partnerships, building dextrous robot hands with Shadow Robot Company.

Matt McMullen talks robots & relationships at Login 2018

Matt McMullen: “One day maybe people will identify as Robo-Sexual.” We discuss the nuances of sexual and gender politics around human-robot intimacy.

Susanne Birgersdotter talks apps & entrepreneurs at Login 2018

Susanne will make you believe you can do anything! Listen in to find the mindset you need to start your own ventures, make dozens of apps and support more women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur + …

Christoph D. Erbenich talks Future Mobility & Marketing 4.0 at Login

Christoph talks me through Marketing 4.0 and the Future of Mobility from Vilnius to China, and Berlin to Japan. 

UX + PR + Brand + Design + Communication + Strategies + Society


24 Hours Artist Life in 5 Minutes

Radio Art made for Popsonics at City Sonics, Mons BelgiumArtist: Jodi RoseLife and art between Berlin, Brussels and in transit, May-June 2009

Transit Lounge Radio, Berlin 2007

Transit Radio Lounge in Berlin.

Transit Radio Lounge launches in Berlin! Conversations with Jodi Rose and guests Ludovic Fresse, Mika Meskanen, Polly …

Jacob Kierkegaard, Copenhagen

Secret Singing of Ice, Nuclear Power and an Icelandic Volcano!

The conversation that started the Transit Radio Lounge. Jacob Kirkegaard and Jodi Rose …

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