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Jeanne Granger talks Creative Transformation at Login 2018

13 minutes

Jeanne Granger talks ethics at the core of social innovation, collective intelligence and empowerment in a future of creative transformation.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?"

Future + Design + Society + Ethics + Technology + Innovation + Creativity



Founder at Futur Présent

Jeanne Granger, dedicated to arts and entrepreneurship, is a founder of La Reserve des arts and Futur Present. Her newest venture creates innovative and actionable strategies that have a positive impact. In charge of co-designing innovation programs for international corporate accounts, Jeanne works with start-ups, corporations, the public and private sector to encourage businesses to evolve and adapt to a desirable future.

[Edited Transcript]

Jeanne Granger: “At the core of social innovation you need to build in the ethical commitment, right from the start. And that I think is facing what I call 'the tyranny of margins. We're always trying to make money first, and make sense later, or the purpose is postponed to another time – but my point is we have to build it from the start, to be viable and responsible.” Indicators or criteria for successful social innovation are not as easy as looking at your profit margins. It's complex. But what I'm trying to say is that without being the censor, or moral standard for it, is that it can actually be fun, creative and good for business, and very empowering for the people. I think motivation and engagement from your team, is what in the long run will make you successful [...] JG: I've seen shifts that I thought were not possible, CEOs saying, yeah let's do collective intelligence, and let's change the way we manage our teams - in just two days. And that experience, that feeling of living the difference, living the transformation I think is key, which is why we're here, physically together.  I think intersectionality and inclusion are words that are becoming more and more meaningful. Because we can see that the wealth comes from this mix and match of things, people, identities, cultures, backgrounds – that don't necessarily need to sacrifice themselves over another, but come together and create a hybrid solution. I am insatiably curious for these meetings to happen and for these hybrid solutions to come up - I think this is the most exciting and creative aspect of innovation.JR: What kind of metrics or how do you measure or evaluate the social impact of what you're doing?

JG: It's very complex. For the second project, we are bringing together more than 20 companies and redesigning an entire neigbourhood. So we are fostering local entrepreneurship and citizen engagement. We are doing it in partnership with the city, the administration, the urban planners and the companies themselves. It's a very ambitious project but a very interesting one.


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