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Simon Shuster talks corruption, hitmen and civil society at Dark Havens

20 minutes

Simon Shuster talks in the Transit Lounge at Dark Havens about the importance of the work journalists do as the immune system of a society.

"Investigative journalists expose things most people would agree we do not want – organised crime, corruption, illicit wealth and inequalities."

As journalists bring these secrets to light, it's important for people to understand and hear what we do, to have the media literacy to understand the kinds of conversations and complexity that goes into dealing with a story, and the synergy between journalists and activists in civil society to push for change.

Tax Havens + Investigative Journalism + Time Magazine + Berlin + #DNL15


Simon Shuster (Berlin Reporter for TIME, RU/DE)

Simon Shuster has been the Berlin bureau chief of Time Magazines since 2013, responsible for coverage of Central and Eastern Europe. Born in Moscow and raised in San Francisco, his work in the last few years has focused on the European refugee crisis, the rise of right-wing populism and Russian hybrid warfare from Ukraine to the US. @shustry

Articles by Simon Shuster

It's Business as Usual for Russians in Sudan, Despite Bashir's Fall

How Putin Built a Ragtag Empire of Tyrants and Failing States

She Was Next in Line to Be the President. He Plays One on TV. Who Will Win Ukraine's Election? (spoiler alert: the comedian)

Confronting Hidden Money & Power

#DNL15 DARK HAVENS brings together people from around the world who have been part of global investigations and leaks, have blown the whistle on corporations, been put on trial, and who have taken severe personal risks to confront hidden money and power.

15th conference of the Disruption Network Lab. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli. In cooperation with Transparency International.

  • Disruption Network Lab: Dark Havens

  • Twitter: @disruptberlin

  • Artistic Director and Curator: Tatiana Bazzichelli

  • Community Director: Lieke Ploeger

  • Programme Managers: Daniela Silvestrin, Nada Bakr, Monti Harmony

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#DNL15, Transparency, Panama Papers, investigative journalism, tax justice, offshore tax havens, disruption, network, Dark Havens, Disruption Network Lab, journalism, treasure islands, finance curse, offshore tour operator, Paradise Papers, Lux Leaks, whistleblower, UBS, ICIJ, OCCRP, Berlin, transit lounge, radio, podcast, conversation, Simon Shuster, Time Magazine

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Start listening to Kudzai Mubaiwa talks women, finance and freedom at open:fora
Start listening to Kudzai Mubaiwa talks women, finance and freedom at open:fora